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Entering Data in a Worksheet
1. Click the cell where you want to enter the data or text label.
As shown in Figure 1-4, a square appears around the cell to tell you that
the cell you clicked is now the active cell. Glance at the left side of the
Formula bar if you’re not sure of the address of the cell you’re about to
enter data in. The Formula bar lists the cell address.
Figure 1-4:
2. Type the data in the cell.
If you find typing in the Formula bar easier, click and start typing there.
As soon as you type the first character, the Cancel button (an X) and
Enter button (a check mark) appear beside the Insert Function button
(labeled fx) on the Formula bar.
3. Press the Enter key to enter the number or label.
Besides pressing the Enter key, you can also press an arrow key (←,
↑, →, ↓), press Tab, or click the Enter button (the check mark) on the
Formula bar.
If you change your mind about entering data, click the Cancel button or
press Esc to delete what you entered and start over.
Chapter 3 of this mini-book explains how to enter logical values and
formulas. The next several pages describe how to enter text labels, numeric
values, date values, and time values.
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