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Entering Data in a Worksheet
Figure 1-5:
dates and
numbers on
the Number
list or
Format Cells
dialog box.
Book III
Chapter 1
Dates on the Formula bar: No matter which format you use for dates,
dates are displayed in the Formula bar in the format that Excel prefers
for dates: /yyyy (7/31/2013). How dates are displayed in the
worksheet is up to you.
20th and 21st century two-digit years: When it comes to entering
twodigit years in dates, the digits 30 through 99 belong to the 20th century
(1930–1999), but the digits 00 through 29 belong to the 21st century
(2000–2029). For example, 7/31/13 refers to July 31, 2013, not July 31,
1910. To enter a date in 1929 or earlier, enter four digits instead of two
to describe the year: 7-31-1929 . To enter a date in 2030 or later, enter
four digits instead of two: 7-31-2030 .
Dates in formulas: To enter a date directly in a formula, enclose the
date in quotation marks. (Make sure that the cell where the formula is
entered has been given the Number format, not the Date format.) For
example, the formula =TODAY()-“1/1/2013” calculates the number of
days that have elapsed since January 1, 2013. Formulas are the subject
of Chapter 3 of this mini-book.
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