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Chapter 2: Refining Your Worksheet
Chapter 2: Refining Your
In This Chapter
Changing worksheet data
Going here and there in a worksheet
Freezing and splitting columns and rows to make data entry easier
Documenting a worksheet with comments
Selecting cells
Copying and moving data
Inserting, deleting, and renaming worksheets
Hiding and protecting worksheets so that they can’t be altered
This chapter delves into the workaday world of worksheets (say that
three times fast). It explains how to edit worksheet data and move
quickly here and there in a worksheet. You also discover techniques for
entering data quickly, selecting cells, and copying and moving data in cells.
This chapter describes how to move, delete, and rename worksheets as well
as protect them from being edited or altered.
Editing Worksheet Data
Not everyone enters data correctly the first time. To edit data you entered
in a cell, do one of the following:
Double-click the cell. Doing so places the cursor squarely in the cell,
where you can start deleting or entering numbers and text.
Click the cell and press F2. This technique also lands the cursor in
the cell.
Click the cell you want to edit. With this technique, you edit the data
on the Formula bar.
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