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Getting a Better Look at the Worksheet
Figure 2-1:
Splitting a
Freezing columns or rows on a worksheet works much like splitting except
that lines instead of gray bars appear on-screen to show which columns and
rows are frozen, and you can’t adjust where the split occurs by dragging the
boundary where the worksheet is split.
Giving the Split or Freeze Panes command
Follow these steps to split or freeze columns and rows on-screen:
1. Click the cell that is directly below the row you want to freeze or split
and is in the column to the right of the column that you want to freeze
or split.
In other words, click where you want the split to occur.
2. On the View tab, split or freeze the columns and rows.
Go to the View tab and use one of these techniques:
Splitting: Click the Split button and then click and drag the split bars
to split the screen horizontally or vertically (refer to Figure 2-1). The
other way to split a worksheet is to grab hold of a split bar, the little
division markers directly above the vertical scroll bar and directly to
the right of the horizontal scroll bar (in the lower-right corner of
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