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Deleting, Copying, and Moving Data
Deleting, Copying, and Moving Data
In the course of putting together a worksheet, it is sometimes necessary to
delete, copy, and move cell contents. Here are instructions for doing these
Deleting cell contents: Select the cells and then press the Delete key; on
the Home tab, click the Clear button and choose Clear Contents; or
right-click and choose Clear Contents. (Avoid the Delete button on the
Home tab for deleting cell contents. Clicking that button deletes cells as
well as their contents.)
Copying and moving cell contents: Select the cells and use one of these
Cut or Copy and Paste commands: When you paste the data, click
where you want the first cell of the block of cells you’re copying or
moving to go. (Book I, Chapter 2 explains copying and moving data in
detail.) Be careful not to overwrite cells with data in them when you
copy or move data. After you paste data, you see the Paste Options
button. Click this button and choose an option from the drop-down
list to format the data in different ways.
Drag and drop: Move the pointer to the edge of the cell block, click
when you see the four-headed arrow, and start dragging. Hold down
the Ctrl key to copy the data.
Book III
Chapter 2
Handling the Worksheets in a Workbook
A workbook can hold more than one worksheet. Keeping more than one
worksheet in the same workbook has advantages. For example, in a workbook
that tracks monthly income from rental properties, you can record monthly
income on 12 worksheets, 1 for each month. By constructing formulas that
calculate income data across the 12 worksheets, you can track annual
income from the properties.
As Figure 2-3 shows, Excel places a tab at the bottom of the screen for each
worksheet in a workbook. Worksheets are named Sheet1, Sheet2, and so on,
but you can change their names. Click a tab to go from worksheet to
worksheet. Right-click a tab open a shortcut menu with commands for handling
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