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Keeping Others from Tampering with Worksheets
tamper with it unless they have a password. These pages explain how to hide
a worksheet so that others are less likely to find it. I also tell you how to
protect a worksheet from being edited.
Hiding a worksheet
Follow these instructions to hide and unhide worksheets:
Hiding a worksheet: Right-click the worksheet’s tab and choose Hide on
the shortcut menu. You can also go to the Home tab, click the Format
button, and choose Hide &Unhide Hide Sheet.
Unhiding a worksheet: Right-click any worksheet tab and choose
Unhide; or go to the Home tab, click the Format button, and choose
Hide & Unhide Unhide Sheet. Then, in the Unhide dialog box, select the
sheet you want to unhide and click OK.
Protecting a worksheet
Protecting a worksheet means to restrict others from changing it — from
formatting it, inserting new rows and columns, or deleting rows and columns,
among other tasks. You can also prevent any editorial changes whatsoever
from being made to a worksheet. Follow these steps to protect a worksheet
from tampering by others:
1. Select the worksheet that needs protection.
2. On the Review tab, click the Protect Sheet button.
You see the Protect Sheet dialog box shown in Figure 2-5. You can also
open this dialog box by going to the Home tab, clicking the Format
button, and choosing Protect Sheet.
Figure 2-5:
Select what
you want
others to be
able to do.
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