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Chapter 3: Formulas and Functions for Crunching Numbers
in cell A3, the result of the formula is 5. If I change the number in cell A1
from 2 to 3, the result of the formula in cell A3 (=A1+A2) becomes 6, not
5. When a formula refers to a cell and the number in the cell changes, the
result of the formula changes as well.
Figure 3-1:
A simple
To see the value of using cell references in formulas, consider the worksheet
shown in Figure 3-2. The purpose of this worksheet is to track the budget of
a school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA):
Figure 3-2:
in a
Column C, Actual Income, lists income from different sources.
Column D, Projected Income, shows what the PTA members thought
income from these sources would be.
Column E, Over/Under Budget, shows how actual income compares to
projected income from the different sources.
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