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Speed Techniques for Entering Formulas
Quickly traveling to a cell range that you named
To go quickly to a cell range you named, open the drop-down list on the
Name Box and choose a name (refer to Figure 3-7). The Name Box
dropdown list is located on the left side of the Formula bar.
To make this trick work, the cursor can’t be in the Formula bar. The Name
Box drop-down list isn’t available when you’re constructing a formula.
Managing cell range names
To rename, edit, or delete cell range names, go to the Formulas tab and click
the Name Manager button. You see the Name Manager dialog box, as shown
in Figure 3-8. This dialog box lists names, cell values in names, the worksheet
on which the range name is found, and whether the range name can be
applied throughout a workbook or only in one worksheet. To rename, edit, or
delete a cell range name, select it in the dialog box and use these techniques:
Renaming: Click the Edit button and enter a new name in the Edit Name
dialog box.
Reassigning cells: To assign different cells to a range name, click the
Edit button. You see the Edit Name dialog box. To enter a new range of
cells, either enter the cells’ addresses in the Refers To text box or click
the Range Selector button (it’s to the right of the text box), drag across the
cells on your worksheet that you want for the cell range, and click the Cell
Selector button again to return to the Edit Name dialog box.
Book III
Chapter 3
Deleting: Click the Delete button and click OK in the confirmation box.
Figure 3-8:
The Name
dialog box.
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