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Working with Functions
dialog box is that it warns you if you enter arguments incorrectly. What’s more,
the Function Arguments dialog box shows you the results of the formula
as you construct it so that you can tell whether you’re using the function
Figure 3-13:
dialog box.
Follow these steps to get Excel’s help with entering a function as part of a
Book III
Chapter 3
1. On the Formulas tab, tell Excel which function you want to use.
You can do that with one of these techniques:
Click a Function Library button: Click the button whose name
describes what kind of function you want and choose the function’s
name on the drop-down list. You can click the Financial, Logical,
Text, Date & Time, Lookup & Reference, Math & Trig, or More
Functions buttons.
Click the Recently Used button: Click this button and choose the
name of a function you used recently.
Click the Insert Function button: Clicking this button opens the
Insert Function dialog box (refer to Figure 3-12). Find and choose the
name of a function. You can search for functions or choose a category
and then scroll the names until you find the function you want.
You see the Function Arguments dialog box (refer to Figure 3-13). It
offers boxes for entering arguments for the function to compute.
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