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Chapter 4: Making a Worksheet Easier to Read and Understand
Merging and centering text across several cells
In the illustration shown here, “Sales Totals by
Regional Office” is centered across four
different cells. Normally, text is left aligned, but if
you want to center it across several cells, drag
across the cells to select them, go to the Home
tab, and click the Merge & Center button.
Merging and centering allows you to display
text across several columns.
To “unmerge and uncenter” cells, select the
text that you merged and centered, open the
drop-down list on the Merge & Center button,
and choose Unmerge Cells. You can also
deselect the Merge Cells check box in the Format
Cells dialog box (refer to Figure 4-2).
Aligning numbers and text in columns and rows
To start with, numbers in worksheets are right-aligned in cells, and text is
left-aligned. Numbers and text sit squarely on the bottom of cells. You can,
however, change the way that data is aligned. For example, you can make
data float at the top of cells rather than rest at the bottom, and you can
center or justify data in cells. Figure 4-1 illustrates different ways to align
text and numbers. How text is aligned helps people make sense of your
worksheets. In Figure 4-1, for example, Income and Expenses are left-aligned
so that they stand out and make it clearer what the right-aligned column
labels below are all about.
Select the cells whose alignment needs changing and follow these
instructions to realign data in the cells:
Changing the horizontal (side-to-side) alignment: On the Home tab,
click the Align Left, Center, or Align Right button. You can also click the
Alignment group button, and on the Alignment tab of the Format Cells
dialog box, choose an option on the Horizontal drop-down list. Figure 4-2
shows the Format Cells dialog box.
Changing the vertical (top-to-bottom) alignment: On the Home tab,
click the Top Align, Middle Align, or Bottom Align button. You can also
click the Alignment group button to open the Format Cells dialog box
(refer to Figure 4-2) and choose an option on the Vertical drop-down list.
The Justify option makes all the letters or numbers fit in a cell, even if it
means wrapping text to two or more lines.
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