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Decorating a Worksheet with Borders and Colors
To remove a style from cells, select the cells, open the Cell Styles gallery,
and choose Normal. (You find Normal in the ”Good, Bad and Neutral”
Creating your own cell style
The names of cell styles you create on your own are placed at the top of the
Cell Styles gallery under the Custom heading. Create a cell style if you’re the
creative type or if no built-in style meets your high standards. Follow these
steps to create a cell style:
1. Apply the formatting commands you want for your style to a single
For example, left-align cell data. Or apply a fill color to the cells (see
“Decorating worksheets with colors,” later in this chapter). Or change
fonts and font sizes. Knock yourself out. Choose all the formatting
commands you want for your new style.
2. On the Home tab, click the Cell Styles button to open the Cell Styles
Depending on the size of your screen, you may have to click the Styles
button and then click the More button first.
3. Choose New Cell Style at the bottom of the gallery.
You see the Style dialog box shown in Figure 4-5. It lists formatting
specifications that you chose for the cell you selected in Step 1. If these
specifications aren’t what you’re after, or if you want to change a
specification, you can click the Format button and construct your new style in
the Format Cells dialog box.
Figure 4-5:
Creating a
new style
for the
Cell Styles
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