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Getting Ready to Print a Worksheet
Figure 4-7:
Go to the
Format Cells
dialog box
to apply
color (left)
or draw
To remove the border from cells, select the cells, open the drop-down list on
the Borders button, and choose No Border.
Book III
Chapter 4
Decorating worksheets with colors
Apply background colors to cells to make them stand out or help the people
who review your worksheets understand how they are laid out. Select the
cells that need a background color and use these techniques to splash color
on your worksheet:
On the Home tab, click the Format button and choose Format Cells on
the drop-down list. You see the Format Cells dialog box. On the Fill tab,
select a color and click OK. Figure 4-7 shows what the Fill tab looks like.
On the Home tab, open the drop-down list on the Fill Color button and
select a color.
Getting Ready to Print a Worksheet
Printing a worksheet isn’t simply a matter of giving the Print command. A
worksheet is a vast piece of computerized sprawl. Most worksheets don’t
fit neatly on a single page. If you simply click the Print button to print your
worksheet, you wind up with page breaks in unexpected places, both on the
right side of the page and the bottom. Read on to discover how to set up a
worksheet so that the people you hand it to can read and understand it.
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