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Managing Information in Lists
To change the look of a sparkline chart, go to the (Sparkline Tools) Design
tab. There you will find commands for changing the color of the line or bars,
choosing a different sparkline type, and doing one or two other things to
pass the time on a rainy day. Click the Clear button to remove a sparkline
Figure 5-1:
in action
(top to
Line, and
You can also create a sparkline chart with the Quick Analysis button. Drag
over the cells with the data you want to analyze. When the Quick Analysis
button appears, click it, choose Sparklines in the pop-up window, and then
choose Line, Column, or Win/Loss.
Managing Information in Lists
Although Excel is a spreadsheet program, many people use it to keep and
maintain lists, such as the list shown in Figure 5-2. Addresses, inventories,
and employee data are examples of information that typically is kept in lists.
These pages explain how to sort and filter a list to make it yield more
information. Sort a list to put it in alphabetical or numeric order; filter a list to
isolate the information you need.
Before you attempt to sort or filter a list, select a cell in the list. Excel can’t
tell where a list is in a worksheet — it can’t sort or filter information — until
you select a cell in the list.
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