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Figure 5-4:
Filter a
to isolate
Book III
Chapter 5
After you open the correct column drop-down list, tell Excel how you want
to filter the list:
Filter by exclusion: On the drop-down list, deselect the Select All check
box and then select the check box next to each item you don’t want to
filter out. For example, to filter an Address list for addresses in Boston,
Chicago, and Miami, deselect the Select All check box and then select
the check boxes next to Boston, Chicago, and Miami on the drop-down
list. Your filter operation turns up only addresses in those three cities.
Filter with criteria: On the drop-down list, choose Number Filters,
and then choose a filter operation on the submenu (or simply choose
Custom Filter). You see the Custom AutoFilter dialog box.
Choose an operator (equals, is greater than, or another) from the
dropdown list, and either enter or choose a target criterion from the list on
the right side of the dialog box. You can search by more than one
criterion. Select the And option button if a row must meet both criteria to be
selected, or select the Or option button if a row can meet either
criterion to be selected.
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