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Creating a New Presentation
Personal templates: Templates that you or someone apart from
Microsoft designed and created. Many companies provide templates
with their company colors and fonts for employees to use when creating
PowerPoint presentations.
Figure 1-3:
Examples of
Built-in and online templates are a mixed blessing. They’re designed by artists
and they look very good. Some templates come with boilerplate text — already
written material that you can recycle into your presentation. However,
presentations made from templates are harder to modify. Sometimes the design
gets in the way. As well, a loud or intricate background may overwhelm a
diagram or chart you want to put on a slide.
Follow these steps to create a PowerPoint presentation:
1. Click the File tab.
2. Choose New.
The New window opens (refer to Figure 1-4).
3. Choose a template.
Choose the template that is best suited for the audience who will see
your presentation.
Blank Presentation: Click the Blank Presentation icon. A new
presentation is created. (By pressing Ctrl+N, you can create a new, blank
presentation without even opening the New window.)
Built-in template: Select a featured template in the New window. A
preview window opens so that you can examine the slide layouts
and themes that the template offers (refer to Figure 1-4). Click the
Close button to return to the New window; click the Create button to
create a presentation with the template you selected.
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