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Selecting, Moving, and Deleting Slides
Hiding and displaying the Slides pane: To hide the Slides pane, move
the pointer over the border between the pane and the middle of the
screen, and when the pointer changes to a two-headed arrow, drag
the border to the left. To display the Slides pane, click the Thumbnails
You can change the size of either pane by moving the pointer over its border
and then clicking and dragging.
Selecting, Moving, and Deleting Slides
As a presentation takes shape, you have to move slides forward and backward.
Sometimes you have to delete a slide. And you can’t move or delete slides
until you select them first. Herewith are instructions for selecting, moving,
and deleting slides.
Selecting slides
The best place to select slides is Slide Sorter view (if you want to select
several at a time). Use one of these techniques to select slides:
Select one slide: Click the slide.
Select several different slides : Hold down the Ctrl key and click each
slide in the Slides pane or in Slide Sorter view.
Select several slides in succession: Hold down the Shift key and click
the first slide and then the last one.
Select a block of slides: In Slide Sorter view, drag across the slides you
want to select. Be sure when you click and start dragging that you don’t
click a slide.
Selecting all the slides: On the Home tab, click the Select button and
choose Select All on the drop-down list.
Book IV
Chapter 1
Moving slides
To move or rearrange slides, you’re advised to go to Slide Sorter view. Select
the slide or slides that you want to move and use one of these techniques to
move slides:
Dragging and dropping: Click the slides you selected and drag them to
a new location.
Cutting and pasting: On the Home tab, cut the slide or slides to the
Windows Clipboard (click the Cut button, press Ctrl+X, or right-click and
choose Cut). Then select the slide that you want the slide or slides to
appear after and give the Paste command (click the Paste button, press
Ctrl+V, or right-click and choose Paste). You can right-click between
slides to paste with precision.
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