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Putting Together a Photo Album
Choosing a layout for slides
Your next task is to go to the bottom of the Photo Album dialog box (refer to
Figure 1-9) and choose a layout for the slides in the presentation. Open the
Picture Layout drop-down list to choose one of the seven picture layouts:
Choose Fit to Slide for a presentation in which each picture occupies an
entire slide.
Choose a “pictures” option to fit 1, 2, or 4 pictures on each slide.
Choose a “pictures with” option to fit 1, 2, or 4 pictures as well as a text
title frame on each slide.
Changing the look of pictures
The Photo Album dialog box (refer to Figure 1-9) offers a handful of tools for
changing the look of the pictures. When you use these tools, keep your eye
on the Preview box — it shows you what you’re doing to your picture.
Making all photos black and white: Select the ALL Pictures Black and
White check box.
Rotating pictures: Click a Rotate button to rotate a picture clockwise or
Changing the contrast: Click a Contrast button to sharpen or mute the
light and dark colors or shades in the picture.
Changing the brightness : Click a Brightness button to make a picture
brighter or more somber.
Choosing a frame shape for pictures: If you opted for a “picture”
or “picture with” slide layout, you can choose a shape — Soft Edge
Rectangle, Compound Frame, or others — for your pictures on the
Frame Shape drop-down list.
Choosing a theme for your photo album: If you selected a “picture” or
“picture with” slide layout, you can choose a theme for your slide
presentation. Click the Browse button and choose a theme in the Choose
Theme dialog box.
At last, click the Create button when you’re ready to create the photo album.
PowerPoint attaches a title slide to the start of the album that says, Photo
Album with your name below.
Putting on the final touches
Depending on the options you chose for your photo album, it needs all or
some of these final touches:
Fix the title slide: Your title slide should probably say more than the
words Photo Album and your name.
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