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Hidden Slides for All Contingencies
Showing a hidden slide during a presentation
Hidden slides don’t appear during the course of a presentation, but suppose
that the need arises to show one. Before showing a hidden slide, take careful
note of which slide you’re viewing now. You have to return to this slide after
viewing the hidden slide. Follow these steps to view a hidden slide during a
1. Click the Slides button.
You see a screen with thumbnail versions of the slides in your
presentation. You can also open this screen by right-clicking and choosing See
All Slides.
2. Select a hidden slide so that the audience can view it.
You can tell which slides are hidden because their slide numbers are
enclosed in parentheses.
How do you resume your presentation after viewing a hidden slide? If you
look at only one hidden slide, you can right-click and choose Last Viewed on
the shortcut menu to return to the slide you saw before the hidden slide. If
you’ve viewed several hidden slides, right-click the screen, choose See All
Slides, and select a slide to pick up where you left off.
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