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Chapter 2: Fashioning a Look for Your Presentation
To choose a theme or create slide backgrounds, start on the Design tab,
as shown in Figure 2-3. The Design tab offers themes, theme variants, and
the Format Background pane, the place to go when you want to fashion a
fashionable background for slides.
Figure 2-3:
what your
looks like on
the Design
More than any other design decision, what sets the tone for a
presentation are the colors you select for slide backgrounds. If the purpose of your
presentation is to show photographs you took on a vacation to Arizona’s
Painted Desert, select light-tone, hot colors for the slide backgrounds. If
your presentation is an aggressive sales pitch, consider a black background.
There is no universal color theory for selecting the right colors in a design
because everyone is different. Follow your intuition. It will guide you to the
right background color choices.
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Chapter 2
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