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Choosing a Theme for Your Presentation
Choosing a color for a gradient stop: Select a gradient stop on the
slider, click the Color button, and choose a color on the drop-down
Positioning a gradient stop: Drag a gradient stop on the slider or use
the Position box to move it to a different location.
5. Drag the Brightness slider to make the colors dimmer or brighter.
6. Drag the Transparency slider to make the colors on the slides more or
less transparent.
At 0% transparency, you get solid colors; at 100%, you get no color at all.
7. Click the Apply to All button.
Very likely, you have to experiment with stop colors and stop positions
until you blend the colors to your satisfaction. Good luck.
Placing a picture in the slide background
As long as they’re on the pale side or you’ve made them semitransparent,
pictures from or the Internet do fine for slide backgrounds. They
look especially good in title slides. Figure 2-5 shows examples of pictures as
backgrounds. As Book VIII, Chapter 3 explains, offers numerous
photos and clip-art images. You’re invited to place one in the background of
your slides by following these steps:
1. On the Design tab, click the Format Background button to open the
Format Background pane.
Figure 2-5:
backgrounds, a
usually has to
be at least
These slides
are (from left
to right) 0%,
40%, 65%,
and 85%
Book IV
Chapter 2
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