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Choosing a Theme for Your Presentation
Figure 2-6:
of pictures
used as
One more thing: Select a landscape-style photo that is wider than it is tall.
PowerPoint expands photos to make them fill the entire slide background.
If you select a skinny, portrait-style photo, PowerPoint has to do a lot of
expanding to make it fit on the slide, and you end up with a distorted
background image.
Follow these steps to use a picture as a slide background:
1. On the Design tab, click the Format Background button to open the
Format Background tab.
2. Click the Picture or Texture Fill option button.
3. Click the File button.
The Insert Picture dialog box appears.
Book IV
Chapter 2
4. Locate the photo you want, select it, and click the Insert button.
The picture lands on your slide.
5. Enter a Transparency measurement to make the photo fade a bit into
the background.
Drag the slider or enter a measurement in the Transparency box. The
higher percentage measurement you enter, the more “bleached out” the
picture is.
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