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Choosing a Theme for Your Presentation
6. Using the Offsets text boxes, enter measurements to make your picture
fit on the slides.
7. Click the Picture icon in the Format Background pane.
8. Experiment with the Picture Corrections and Picture Color options to
make your picture more suitable for a background.
9. Click the Apply to All button.
How do you like your slide background? You may have to open the
Format Background pane again and play with the transparency setting.
Only the very lucky and the permanently blessed get it right the first
Using a texture for a slide background
Yet another option for slide backgrounds is to use a texture. As shown in
Figure 2-7, a texture gives the impression that the slide is displayed on a
material such as marble or parchment. A texture can make for a very elegant
slide background. Follow these steps to use a texture as a slide background:
1. On the Design tab, click the Format Background button to open the
Format Background pane.
Figure 2-7:
upper left):
and Cork.
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