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Controlling How Text Fits in Text Frames and Text Boxes
“AutoFitting” the text one frame at a time
When text doesn’t fit in a text placeholder frame, especially a title frame,
the first question to ask is, “Do I want to fool with the integrity of the slide
design?” Making the text fit usually means shrinking the text, enlarging the
text frame, or compromising the slide design in some way, but audiences
notice design inconsistencies. Slides are shown on large screens where
design flaws are easy to see.
Making text fit in a text frame usually means making a compromise. Here are
different ways to handle the problem of text not fitting in a text frame. Be
prepared to click the Undo button when you experiment with these
Edit the text: Usually when text doesn’t fit in a frame, the text needs
editing. It needs to be made shorter. A slide is not a place for a treatise.
Editing the text is the only way to make it fit in the frame without
compromising the design.
Enlarge the frame: Click the AutoFit Options button and choose Stop
Fitting Text to This Placeholder on the shortcut menu (see Figure 3-4).
Then select the frame and drag the bottom or top selection handle to
enlarge it.
Decrease the font size: Select the text, go to the Home tab, and choose a
smaller Font Size measurement. You can also click the Decrease Font
Size button (or press Ctrl+<) to decrease the font size.
Decrease the amount of spacing between lines: On the Home tab, click the
Paragraph group button to open the Paragraph dialog box and decrease
the After measurement under Spacing.
Change the frame’s internal margins: Similar to a page, text frames
have internal margins to keep text from getting too close to a frame
border. By shrinking these margins, you can make more room for text.
Right-click the text frame and choose Format Shape. Then, in the Format
Shape pane, go to the Size & Properties tab, and under the Text Box
settings, enter smaller margin measurements.
Create a new slide for the text: If you’re dealing with a list or paragraph
text in a body text frame, the AutoFit Options drop-down list offers two
ways to create a new slide (refer to Figure 3-4). Choose Continue on a
New Slide to run the text onto another slide; choose Split Text Between
Two Slides to divide the text evenly between two slides. I don’t
recommend either option, though. If you need to make a new slide, do it on
your own and then rethink how to present the material. Inserting a new
slide to accommodate a long list throws a presentation off-track.
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