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Handling Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Choosing a different bullet character, size, and color
As Figure 3-6 demonstrates, the black filled-in circle isn’t the only
character you can use to mark items in a bulleted list. You can also opt for what
PowerPoint calls pictures (colorful bullets of many sizes and shapes) or
symbols from the Symbol dialog box. While you’re at it, you can change the
bullets’ color and size.
Figure 3-6:
Examples of
you can use
for bulleted
If you decide to change the bullet character in your lists, be consistent from
slide to slide. Unless you want to be goofy, select the same bullet character
throughout the lists in your presentation for the sake of consistency. You
don’t want to turn your slide presentation into a showcase for bullets, do you?
To use pictures or unusual symbols for bullets, start by selecting your
bulleted list, going the Home tab, and opening the drop-down list on the Bullets
button. Do any of the bullets on the drop-down list tickle your fancy? If one
does, select it; otherwise, click the Bullets and Numbering option at the
bottom of the drop-down list. You see the Bulleted tab of the Bullets and
Numbering dialog box. Starting there, you can customize your bullets:
Using a picture for bullets: Click the Picture button and select a bullet
in the Picture Bullet dialog box.
Using a symbol for bullets: Click the Customize button and select a
symbol in the Symbol dialog box. By opening the Font drop-down list
and choosing a Wingdings font, you can choose an oddball character
for bullets.
Changing bullets’ size: Enter a percentage figure in the Size % of Text
box. For example, if you enter 200 , the bullets are twice as large as the
font size you choose for the items in your bulleted list.
Changing bullets’ color: Click the Color button in the Bullets and
Numbering dialog box and choose an option on the drop-down list.
Theme colors are considered most compatible with the theme design
you chose for your presentation.
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