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Putting Footers (and Headers) on Slides
Slide Number: Select this check box to make slide numbers appear in
the lower-right corner of all slides.
Footer: Select this check box, and in the text box, enter the words that
you want to appear in the bottom, middle of all the slides.
Figure 3-8:
Enter a
Creating a nonstandard footer
As “Some background on footers and headers” explains earlier in this chapter,
you have to look elsewhere than the Header and Footer dialog box if you want
to create something besides the standard footer. Suppose you want to move
the slide number from the lower-right corner of slides to another position? Or
you want to fool with the fonts in headers and footers?
Follow these steps to create a nonstandard footer:
1. Create a standard footer if you want your nonstandard footer to
include today’s date and/or a slide number.
If you want to move the slide number into the upper-right corner of
slides, for example, create a standard footer first (see the preceding
topic in this chapter). Later, you can move the slide number text frame
into the upper-right corner of slides.
Book IV
Chapter 3
2. On the View tab, click the Slide Master button.
You switch to Slide Master view. Chapter 2 of this mini-book explains
this view and how to format many slides at once with master slides.
3. Select the Slide Master, the topmost slide in the Slides pane.
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