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Exploring Transitions and Animations
Figure 4-1:
how many
and rows
you want for
your table.
After you create a table, PowerPoint places two Table Tools tabs on the
Ribbon, one called Design and one called Layout. The (Table Tools) Design
tab offers commands for changing the look of the table; the (Table Tools)
Layout tab is for changing around the rows and columns.
The techniques for working with tables in Word and PowerPoint are terribly
similar. I suggest going to Book II, Chapter 4 if your aim is to create a really,
really nice table.
Exploring Transitions and Animations
In PowerPoint-speak, a transition is a little bit of excitement that occurs as
one slide leaves the screen and the next slide climbs aboard. An animation
is movement on the slide. For example, you can animate bulleted lists such
that the bullet points appear on a slide one at a time when you click the
mouse rather than all at one time.
Book IV
Chapter 4
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