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Exploring Transitions and Animations
Select the slides that need a transition change, go to the Transitions tab, and
follow these instructions to alter or remove transitions:
Altering a transition: Choose a different transition in the Transition
to This Slide gallery. You can also choose different effect options and
sounds, and change the duration of the transition.
Removing a transition: Choose None in the Transition to This Slide
Animating parts of a slide
When it comes to animations, you can choose between animation schemes,
the pre-built special effects made by the elves of Microsoft, or customized
animations that you build on your own. Only fans of animation and people
with a lot of time on their hands go the second route.
Choosing a ready-made animation scheme
Follow these steps to preview and choose an animation scheme for slides:
1. Go to the Animations tab.
2. Click to select the element on the slide that you want to animate.
For example, select a text frame with a bulleted list. You can tell when
you’ve selected an element because a selection box appears around it.
3. In the Animation Styles gallery, choose an animation effect, as shown
in Figure 4-3.
You can choose Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit animation effects. As soon
as you make your choice, the animation springs to life, and you can click
the Preview button at any time to see your animation in all its glory.
4. Click the Effect Options button and experiment with choices on the
drop-down list to tweak your animation.
Which options are available depends on the animation you chose.
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