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Exploring Transitions and Animations
Figure 4-3:
in the
5. If you choose a text-box or text-frame element with more than one
paragraph in Step 2, click the Effect Options button and tell PowerPoint
whether to animate all the text or animate each paragraph separately
from the others.
As Once Object or All at Once : All the text is animated at the same
By Paragraph: Each paragraph is treated separately and is animated
on its own. For example, each item in a bulleted list is treated as a
separate element — each item fades, wipes, or flies in after the one
before it, not at the same time as the one before it.
Book IV
Chapter 4
Very briefly, you see a preview of the animation choice you made. To
get a good look at the animation you just chose for your slide, click the
Preview button on the Animations tab.
To remove an animation, return to the Animation Styles gallery and choose
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