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Making Audio Part of Your Presentation
An Audio icon appears on the slide to remind you that audio is supposed to
play when your slide is on-screen. You can change the size of this icon by
selecting it and dragging a corner handle or going to the (Audio Tools)
Format tab and entering new Height and Width measurements. You can also
drag the icon into an out-of-the-way corner of your slide.
To quit playing a sound file on a slide, select its Audio icon and then press
the Delete key.
Telling PowerPoint when and
how to play an audio file
To tell PowerPoint when and how to play an audio file, start by selecting the
Audio icon and going to the (Audio Tools) Playback tab, as shown in Figure
4-5. From there, you can control when and how audio files play:
Controlling the volume: Click the Volume button and choose an option
on the drop-down list to control how loud the audio plays.
Playing the audio file automatically in the background : Click the Play
in Background button. Clicking this button tells PowerPoint to play the
audio automatically, across slides, until you or another presenter clicks
the Pause button to stop the audio from playing.
Figure 4-5:
Visit the
tab to
when and
how sounds
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