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Playing Video on Slides
Figure 4-6:
Visit the
tab to
finetune a video
Adding a bookmark: Add a bookmark to be able to skip ahead or
backward to a place in the video when you play it. Click the Add Bookmark
button, and on the timeline, click where you want to place the bookmark.
The bookmark appears in the form of a circle. You can click this circle to
go to the bookmark while you play the video. To remove a bookmark,
select it on the timeline and click the Remove Bookmark button.
Trimming the video: To trim from the start and or end of a video, click
the Trim Video button. Then, in the Trim Video dialog box, drag the
green slider to trim from the start of the video; drag the red slider to
trim from the end.
Fading in and out: Enter time measurements in the Fade In and Fade
Out text boxes to make the video fade in or out.
Book IV
Chapter 4
Controlling the volume: Click the Volume button and choose Low,
Medium, High, or Mute to control how loud the video sound is.
Playing the video automatically or when you click the Play/Pause
button: Open the Start drop-down list and choose Automatically or On
Click to tell PowerPoint when to start playing the video.
Playing the video at full-screen: Make a video fill the entire screen by
selecting the Play Full Screen check box. Be careful of this one. Videos
can look terribly grainy when they appear on the big screen.
Hiding the video when it isn’t playing: You can hide the video until you
start playing it by selecting the Hide While Not Playing check box. Be
sure to choose Automatically on the Start drop-down list if you select
this check box.
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