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Playing Video on Slides
Continuously playing, or looping, the video: Play a video continuously
or until you go to the next slide by selecting the Loop Until Stopped
check box.
Rewinding the video when it’s finished playing: Rewind a video if you
want to see the first frame, not the last, when the video finishes playing.
Select the Rewind After Playing check box to make the start of the video
appear after the video plays; deselect this option to freeze-frame on the
end of the video when it finishes playing.
Experimenting with the look of the video
Want to make your video look a little sharper? If so, you are hereby invited
to experiment with the commands on the (Video Tools) Format tab and
Format Video pane shown in Figure 4-7.
To open the Format Video pane, go to (Video Tools) Format tab and do one
of the following:
Click the Corrections button and choose Video Corrections Options on
the drop-down list.
Click the Video Styles group button.
Figure 4-7:
You can
change the
look of a
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