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Recording a Voice Narration for Slides
4. Click the Record button and start reading your script.
Click the Stop button when you want to pause recording; click the
Record button to resume recording.
You can click the Play button at any time to play back what you have
recorded so far. Notice that the dialog box notes how many seconds
your recording lasts.
5. Click the OK button in the Record Sound dialog box when you have
finished recording the narration for your slide.
The Audio icon appears on your slide to show that your slide is
accompanied by an audio file.
Your next task is to select the Audio icon, go to the (Audio Tools) Playback
tab, and tell PowerPoint when to play the audio recording, at what volume to
play it, and whether you want it to loop. See “Telling PowerPoint when and
how to play an audio file,” earlier in this chapter.
To play voice narrations during a presentation, make sure that the Play
Narrations check box is selected on the Slide Show tab.
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