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Showing Your Presentation
Presenter View for Dual Monitors
If two monitors are connected to your
computer, you have the option of using Presenter
view to give presentations. In Presenter view,
the full-screen slide appears on one monitor
and a special screen for showing your
presentation appears in the other. In this screen,
speaker notes are easier to read and the
buttons and other controls for getting from slide to
slide are larger. Moreover, a timer shows you
how long each slide has been on-screen.
Regardless of whether two monitors are
connected to your computer, you can test-drive
Presenter view by pressing Alt+F5.
To give presentations in Presenter view, go to
the Slide Show tab and select Use Presenter
View. On the Monitor drop-down list, choose
Automatic to allow PowerPoint to choose
which monitor the audience sees, or choose
a monitor name to select the monitor yourself.
Going forward (or backward) from slide to slide
To go forward from one slide to the following slide in a presentation, click
on-screen. After you click, the next slide appears. If all goes well, clicking is
the only technique you need to know when giving a presentation to go from
slide to slide, but Table 5-1 lists other ways to go to the next slide in a
presentation as well as techniques for going backward to the previous slide.
To go to the first slide in a presentation, press Home; to go to the last slide,
press End.
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