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Delivering a Presentation When You Can’t Be There in Person
Delivering a Presentation When
You Can’t Be There in Person
Let me count the ways that you can deliver a presentation without being
there in person:
Deliver your presentation in the form of a handout, a printed version of
the presentation with thumbnail slides.
Create a self-running presentation.
Create a user-run presentation with action buttons that others can click
to get from slide to slide.
Show your presentation over the Internet.
Make a video of your presentation.
Package your presentation so that people who don’t have PowerPoint
can view it.
The rest of this chapter explains these techniques for delivering a
presentation when you can’t be there in the flesh.
Providing handouts for your audience
Handouts are thumbnail versions of slides that you print and distribute to
the audience. Figure 5-4 shows examples of handouts. Handouts come in
one, two, three, four, six, or nine slides per page. If you select three slides
per page, the handout includes lines that your audience can take notes on
(see Figure 5-4); the other sizes don’t offer these lines.
Figure 5-4:
of handouts
(from left
to right) at
one, three,
six, and nine
slides per
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