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Delivering a Presentation When You Can’t Be There in Person
7. To play a sound when your action button is activated, select the Play
Sound check box and select a sound on the drop-down list.
“Mouse-over” hyperlinks require sound accompaniment so that users
understand when they’ve activated an action button.
8. Click OK in the Actions Settings dialog box.
To test your button, you can right-click it and choose Open Hyperlink.
To change a button’s action, select it and then click the Action button on the
Insert tab, or right-click your action button and choose Edit Hyperlink. In the
Action Settings dialog box, choose a new action and click OK.
Making yours a user-run presentation
Follow these steps to declare yours a user-run presentation:
1. Go to the Slide Show tab.
2. Click the Set Up Slide Show button.
You see the Set Up Show dialog box.
3. Select the Browsed by an Individual (Window) option button.
4. Click OK.
Your presentation is no longer quite yours. It also belongs to all the
people who view it in your absence.
Presenting a Presentation Online
Presenting online means to play a presentation on your computer for others
who watch it over the Internet. As you go from slide to slide, audience
members see the slides on their web browsers. Presenting online is an excellent
way to show a presentation to others during a conference call or to others
who don’t have PowerPoint.
Book IV
Chapter 5
Presenting online is made possible by the Office Presentation Service, a
free service for everyone who has Office software and a Microsoft Account.
(What a Microsoft Account is and how to obtain one — it’s free — is
explained in detail in Book X, Chapter 1). The first time you attempt to show
a presentation online, you are asked to provide your Microsoft Account
username and password.
The Office Presentation service creates a temporary web address for you to
show your presentation. Before showing it, you send audience members a
link to this web address. Audience members, in turn, click the link to open
and watch your presentation in their web browsers.
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