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Delivering a Presentation When You Can’t Be There in Person
Before presenting online, make sure you know the e-mail addresses of the
people who will view your presentation. Make sure as well that they are
available to view it. Online presentations are shown in real time. After you
close a presentation, its link is broken and the audience can no longer watch
it in their web browsers.
Follow these steps to show a presentation online:
1. On the Slide Show tab, click the Present Online button.
The Present Online dialog box appears. You can also open this dialog
box on the File tab by choosing Share Present Online and clicking the
Present Online button.
2. Click the Connect button.
The Office Presentation Service generates a URL link for you to send to
the people who will view your presentation, as shown in Figure 5-7.
Figure 5-7:
Others can
click the
URL link
(top) to view
an online
in a browser
3. Send the link to your audience.
You can send the link with Outlook or another e-mail software.
Copy and send the link by e-mail: Click Copy Link to copy the link to
the Clipboard. Then, in your e-mail software, paste the link into
invitations you send to audience members.
Send the link with Outlook: Click the Send in Email link. An Outlook
message window appears. Address and send the message.
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