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Delivering a Presentation When You Can’t Be There in Person
4. Make sure that audience members have received the e-mail invitation
and are ready to watch your presentation.
5. Click the Start Presentation button.
Audience members see the presentation in their browsers, as shown in
Figure 5-7.
6. Give the presentation.
Use the same techniques to advance or retreat from slide to slide as you
use in any presentation.
When the presentation ends, you land in the Present Online tab.
7. On the Present Online tab, click the End Online Presentation button;
click End Online Presentation in the confirmation dialog box.
Your audience sees this notice: “The presentation has ended.”
Packaging your presentation on a CD
The Package for CD command copies a presentation to a CD so that you can
take a presentation on the road or distribute it to others on CDs. By using
the Package for CD command, you can even distribute a presentation to
people who don’t have PowerPoint. Someone who doesn’t have PowerPoint
can download the PowerPoint Viewer, an abridged version of PowerPoint with
all the PowerPoint slide-show commands (but none of the slide-creation
commands). With the Package for CD command, you don’t have to be concerned
whether someone to whom you give your presentation has PowerPoint or
whether PowerPoint is installed on the computer where you will give your
These pages explain the ins and outs of the Package for CD command. You
find out how to copy a presentation to a CD or folder and play a presentation
in PowerPoint Viewer.
Packaging a presentation on a CD
Follow these steps to copy your presentation and the PowerPoint Viewer to
a CD or a folder:
Book IV
Chapter 5
1. Open the presentation you want to package.
2. On the File tab, choose Export.
3. Choose Package Presentation for CD, and click the Package for CD
You see the Package for CD dialog box shown in Figure 5-8.
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