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Delivering a Presentation When You Can’t Be There in Person
PowerPoint (or PowerPoint Viewer) is installed: Click Open Folder to
View Files in the AutoPlay window. The Computer application opens to
show the files on the CD. Double-click the PowerPoint presentation to
play it.
PowerPoint isn’t installed: Click Run Presentation Package in the
AutoPlay window. A web browser opens. Click the Download Viewer
button to go to a web page at and download the
PowerPoint Viewer. After downloading and installing PowerPoint
Viewer, you can use it to play the PowerPoint presentation.
Figure 5-9:
Distributing your presentation to people
who don’t have PowerPoint
Not everyone has PowerPoint. Not
everyone is so blessed. Some people live along in
ignorant bliss without knowing anything about
PowerPoint and its slide-show capabilities.
Don’t be discouraged if you want to send your
PowerPoint presentation to someone who
doesn’t have or may not have PowerPoint.
Someone who doesn’t have PowerPoint on
his or her computer can still play a PowerPoint
presentation by way of PowerPoint Viewer, a
software program you can download for free
from Microsoft starting at this web page (enter
PowerPoint Viewer in the Search text box and
click the Go button):
Here are instructions for running a
presentation in PowerPoint Viewer:
Getting from slide to slide: Click on-screen
or right-click and choose Next on the
shortcut menu.
Retreating: Right-click and choose
Previous or Last Viewed.
Going to a specific slide: Right-click,
choose Go to Slide, and select a slide on
the submenu.
Ending the show: Press Esc or right-click
and choose End Show.
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