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Finding Your Way Around the OneNote Screen
A OneNote file is called a notebook. Within a notebook, you can write notes
and organize your notes into sections, section groups, pages, and subpages.
You can use OneNote to refine your thinking about the work you want to
do and the subjects you want to tackle. OneNote helps you brainstorm, and
when you finish brainstorming, it helps you organize your ideas into
something coherent and useful.
OneNote is unusual among Office programs in that it doesn’t have a Save
button or Save command. Every 30 seconds, OneNote saves all the notes for
you. You needn’t concern yourself with whether notes are being saved.
Finding Your Way Around the OneNote Screen
OneNote wants you to be able to enter notes and find notes quickly, and to
that purpose, the screen is divided into four main areas: the Notebook pane,
Section tabs, the Page window, and the Page pane. Figure 1-1 shows where
these main areas are located, and the following pages explain each area in
Figure 1-1:
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