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Units for Organizing Notes
Sections: A section is a subcategory of a notebook; it is used to store
pages. Each notebook can have many different sections, and each
section, in turn, can have many pages. In Figure 1-1, there are five sections
in the Madagascar notebook: Agriculture, Reunion, Mauritius, Vanilla,
and History.
Section groups: A section group is a means of organizing and quickly
finding sections. In a notebook with many sections, you can store
sections in a group to make finding sections easier. The names of section
groups appear below the names of sections on the Notebook pane and
to the right of sections in the section tabs, as shown in Figure 1-2.
Figure 1-2:
Use section
groups to
Pages and subpages: A page is for writing and storing notes. Pages are
stored in sections. As shown in Figure 1-1, the names of pages appear
on the Page pane (on the right side of the screen) on page tabs. Within a
page, you can also create a subpage .
Notes: Write your notes on pages and subpages. To write a note, all you
have to do is click a page and start typing.
Before you write your first note, give a moment’s thought to organizing
notes in the notebook-section-pages hierarchy. Think of descriptive names
for your notebook, sections, section groups, and pages. By giving a thought
to how to organize notes, you will be able to find them more easily later on.
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