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Creating a Notebook
Creating a Notebook
OneNote creates a new notebook for you called Personal the first time you
start the program, but you are invited to create a notebook of your own.
OneNote is kind of unusual among Office programs in that you name a
notebook when you create it, not when you save it for the first time.
Book V
Chapter 1
Follow these steps to create a new notebook:
1. On to the File tab, choose New.
The New Notebook window opens, as shown in Figure 1-3. You can also
right-click the Notebook pane and choose New Notebook to open this
Figure 1-3:
Name your
when you
create it.
2. Choose Computer to store the notebook on your computer.
The other options for storing files you create with Office 2013 software
are described in Book I, Chapter 1.
3. Enter a name for the notebook.
4. Click the Create Notebook button.
The new notebook opens on-screen. OneNote creates a section (called
New Section 1) and a page (called Untitled Page) in your notebook.
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