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Creating Sections and Section Groups
5. Change the name of the section and page.
Follow these instructions to change section and page names:
Changing the section name: Right-click the section name, choose
Rename on the shortcut menu, and enter a descriptive name. You
can also double-click a name and enter a new one.
Changing the page name: Enter a name in the Title text box at the top
of the page. After you enter the name, the new name appears as well
on the Page pane on the right side of the screen.
To delete a notebook, close OneNote, open File Finder (Windows 8) or
Windows Explorer (Windows 7), go to the folder where the notebook is
stored, and delete the folder. To find out where notebooks are stored by
default on your computer, go to the File tab, choose Options, go to the Save
& Backup category of the OneNote Options dialog box, and look for the
Default Notebook Location.
Creating Sections and Section Groups
After the notebook, the next units in the file storage hierarchy are the
section and the section group. If a notebook is a book, a section is a chapter in a
book. Create a section for each subtopic in the item you’re keeping notes on.
A section group is a convenient way to organize groups. A group can belong
to more than one section.
Creating a new section
Follow these steps to create a new section:
1. Click the Create a New Section button.
This button (indicated by a plus sign) is located to the right of the
section tabs, as shown in Figure 1-4. Rather than click the New Section
button, you can right-click the Notebook pane or a section tab and
choose New Section.
A new section tab aptly named “New Section 1” appears.
Figure 1-4:
Two ways
to create a
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