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Creating Sections and Section Groups
2. Enter a section name on the tab.
Book V
Chapter 1
3. Press Enter.
To rename a section, right-click its name, choose Rename, and enter a
new name.
After you create a new section, OneNote automatically creates a new page to
go with it. This page is called “Untitled Page.” To rename this page, enter a
name in the Title text box at the top of the page.
Creating a section group
Follow these steps to create a section group:
1. Right-click the Notebook pane or a section tab and choose New
Section Group.
A section group tab appears.
2. Enter a name for the section group.
3. Press the Enter key.
Your new section appears on the right side of the section tabs (refer to
Figure 1-2). Your next task is to move or copy a section that you already
created into the section group.
4. Right-click a section you want to move or copy into the group and
choose Move or Copy on the drop-down list.
The Move or Copy Section dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 1-5.
Figure 1-5:
Choose a
section to
move or
copy it to
a section
5. Select the name of the section group you created.
6. Click the Move or Copy button.
The fastest (but clumsiest) way to move a section name into a group
is to drag the section name in the Notebook pane to the section group
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