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Creating Pages and Subpages
Removing a notebook from the Notebook pane
Consider removing a notebook’s name from the
Notebook pane if the Notebook pane gets too
crowded with notebooks. Follow these
instructions to remove and display a notebook’s name
on the Notebook pane:
Closing a notebook: Right-click the
notebook’s name and choose Close This
Notebook on the shortcut menu.
Re-opening a notebook: Go to the File
tab and choose Open. You see the Open
Notebook window. Select a notebook
name under Recent Notebooks. If the
notebook’s name doesn’t appear, choose
Computer, click the Browse button, and
select the notebook’s name in the Open
Notebook dialog box.
Creating Pages and Subpages
When you create a section, OneNote automatically creates a new page for
you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create more pages for a section.
Create a page for each subtopic you want to take notes on. Within each page,
you can create subpages to help you organize your notes better.
Creating a new page
Follow these steps to create a page:
1. Click the Add Page button.
This button is located at the top of the Page pane. A new page appears.
You can also make a new page appear by pressing Ctrl+N or
rightclicking the Page pane and choosing New Page.
2. Enter a page name in the Title text box.
The name you enter appears on a page tab in the Page pane.
You can rearrange pages (and subpages) in the Page pane by dragging their
names higher or lower in the list of pages.
Creating a new subpage
Use these techniques to create a subpage:
Right-click a page and choose Make Subpage.
In the Page pane, drag the name of the page to the right.
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