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Renaming and Deleting Groups and Pages
To turn a subpage into a page, right-click the subpage and choose Promote
Subpage or drag the page’s name to the left.
Book V
Chapter 1
Renaming and Deleting Groups and Pages
If you’re like me, you do a lot of deleting and renaming of groups, section
groups, pages, and subpages in OneNote. Making sure that these items have
descriptive names is essential for locating notes and entering notes in the
right places.
Luckily for all of us, OneNote makes it easy to rename and delete groups
and pages. Think the words “right-click” when you want to rename or delete
a group, section group, or page. To rename or delete one of these items,
right-click it and choose Rename or Delete on the shortcut menu. After you
choose Rename, enter a new name for your group, section group, or page.
Getting from Place to Place in OneNote
As you fill up a notebook with sections, section groups, pages, subpages,
and notes, finding the place you need to be to enter or read a note gets more
complicated. Here are ways to get from section to section or page to page in
the OneNote window:
Go to a different notebook: Click a notebook button on the Notebook
pane. Use one of these techniques to find out where clicking a notebook
button takes you:
Move the pointer over a button. You see a notebook’s name and the
folder where it is stored in a ScreenTip box.
If the Notebook pane is pinned to the side of the screen, double-click its
name. Now you can see the names of open notebooks as well as the
names of notebook sections on the Notebook pane.
Go to a different section or section group: Click the name of a section
or section group in the Notebook pane or along the top of the page.
Section group names are listed at the bottom of the Notebook pane
and to the right of section names. You can expand and collapse section
groups in the Notebook pane by clicking the plus or minus sign on a
section group symbol.
Go to a different page: Click a page or subpage tab on the Page pane on
the right side of the window.
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