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Chapter 2: Taking Notes
Choosing your default font
By default, notes appear in Calibri font and are
11 points high. (Book I, Chapter 2 explains what
fonts and font size are.) Does this font and font
size do the job for you?
If it doesn’t, you can change the default font
and font size by following these steps:
1. On the File tab, choose Options.
The OneNote Options dialog box opens.
2. In the General category, open the Font
drop-down list and choose a font.
3. Open the Size drop-down list and choose
a font size.
4. Click OK.
Whatever kind of note you’re dealing with, the basics of handling notes are
the same. This section’s pages look at note containers, how to select and
delete notes, and how to get more room on-screen for notes.
Moving and resizing note containers
Notes appear in containers, as shown in Figure 2-1. Move the pointer over
a note to see its container. Containers make it easier to move notes, resize
notes, and arrange notes on the page so that you can read them more easily.
Follow these instructions to move and resize notes:
Changing a note’s position: Move the pointer over the top of the note
container, and when the pointer changes into a four-headed arrow, click
and start dragging.
Changing a note’s size: Move the pointer over the right side of the note
container, and when the pointer changes into a double arrow, click and
drag to the left or right.
Figure 2-1:
in note
Formatting the Text in Notes
On the Home and Insert tabs, OneNote offers commands for formatting the
text in notes. If formatting a note’s text makes reading and understanding it
easier, by all means format the text. You can do so with these techniques:
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