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Chapter 2: Taking Notes
Basic text formatting: On the Home tab, you can choose a font for
text, change the size and color of text, and create bulleted and
numbered lists. Book I, Chapter 2 explains commands for formatting text in
OneNote and the other Office applications.
Book V
Chapter 2
Styles: On the Home tab, styles present an easy way to format text. Click
in the text you want to format, open the Styles gallery, and choose an
option, as shown in Figure 2-2. Choose Heading 1, for example, to make a
heading on a note stand out.
Tables: On the Insert tab, click the Table button and choose how many
columns and rows you want for your table on the drop-down list. Then
enter the table data. The (Table Tools) Layout tab offers commands for
laying out the table.
Figure 2-2:
a style in
the Styles
Selecting notes
Before you can do anything to a note — move it, delete it — you have to
select it. The simplest way to select a note is to click it. After you click, you
see the note’s container (refer to Figure 2-1). You can also use these
techniques to select notes:
Ctrl+click: Hold down the Ctrl key and click notes to select more than
Drag: Click and drag across a portion of a page to select several notes.
Press Ctrl+A: Pressing Ctrl+A selects all the notes on a page.
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