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Drawing on the Page
Deleting notes
To delete notes, select them and press the Delete key. You can also go to the
Home or Draw tab and click the Delete button.
Be careful about deleting notes, because you can’t recover a note you
deleted. OneNote gives you the opportunity to recover deleted sections and
pages, but not notes you deleted.
Getting more space for notes on a page
How do you make room for a note on a page that is crowded with notes? You
can drag notes here and there, but an easier way is to go to the Insert or
Draw tab and click the Insert Space button. After you click it, drag downward
on the screen where you want to make more space for notes, as shown in
Figure 2-3. Notes below where you drag are pushed further down the page.
Figure 2-3:
Click the
button to
make more
room for
Drawing on the Page
Sometimes you can’t say it in words, and for those occasions, consider
drawing on the page instead of writing a note. OneNote offers the Draw tab
precisely for that purpose. On this tab are tools for drawing lines of different
colors and widths, drawing shapes, and editing your drawings.
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