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Drawing on the Page
Drawing with a pen or highlighter
Follow these steps to draw on the page with a pen or highlighter:
Book V
Chapter 2
1. Go to the Draw tab.
2. Choose a pen or highlighter.
Use one of these techniques to choose a pen or highlighter:
Tools gallery: Open the Tools gallery and choose a pen or
highlighter, as shown in Figure 2-4.
Color & Thickness dialog box: Click the Color & Thickness button to
open the Color & Thickness dialog box, shown in Figure 2-4. Then
select the Pen or Highlighter option button, choose a line thickness,
and choose a line color.
Figure 2-4:
On the Draw
tab, choose
a pen or
from the
Tools gallery
(left) or Color
& Thickness
dialog box
3. Start drawing.
As you make your drawing, you can return to the Tools gallery or Color
& Thickness dialog box and choose a different color or line type. You
can also make shapes and straight lines part of your drawing. (The next
topic in this chapter, “Drawing a shape,” explains how.)
4. Press Esc when you finish drawing or highlighting.
Later in this chapter, “Changing the size and appearance of drawings
and shapes” explains how to change a drawing’s size and appearance.
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