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Drawing on the Page
Drawing a shape
As well as drawing freehand (the previous subject of this chapter), you can
draw shapes and straight lines on the page. Making shapes and straight lines
part of your drawings makes a drawing easier to understand, as shown in
Figure 2-5. Follow these steps to draw a shape or straight line:
1. On the Draw tab, choose a pen or highlighter.
Your first step is to choose the color and line style you want for the
shape or straight line:
Tools gallery: Open the Tools gallery and choose a pen or highlighter
(refer to Figure 2-4).
Color & Thickness dialog box: Click the Color & Thickness button to
open the Color & Thickness dialog box (refer to Figure 2-4). In the
dialog box, select the Pen or Highlighter option button, choose a line
thickness, and choose a line color.
2. On the Draw tab, open the Shapes gallery and choose line or shape.
3. Drag on-screen to draw the line or shape.
4. Press Esc when you finish drawing the line or shape.
The next topic in this chapter explains how to change a shape’s size and
Figure 2-5:
You can
as well
as draw
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